Ear Surgery “Otoplasty”


Otoplasty is the operation to correct excessive prominence and/or abnormal shape of one or both ears. It is a very frequently requested procedure by adults for their children and by adults themselves who have suffered years of torment with demeaning comments from their peers.


The ideal candidate for Otoplasty surgery is the pre-school child. The ear cartilage is close to full development and well able to maintain a new shape and position while early correction will save the child from peer group teasing.

Many adults also present themselves for Otoplasty surgery having desired such a correction for many years.


Otoplasty surgery is usually done under General Anaesthesia for children but may be done under Local or General Anaesthesia for adults.

Each ear is modified via a small discrete incision, usually behind the ear. Various conservative techniques are then used to re-shape and re-position the cartilage framework of the ear before closing the incision and applying a soft wrap head bandage.


Otoplasty patients usually require no hospital stay and go home on the day of surgery.

Follow-up at the Surgeon’s office is where bandaging is removed and the ‘new ears’ are there to be seen. Any bruising or swelling should be resolved and gone by 10 days.

No bandaging is normally required during the day after the first week but a light wrap bandage may be recommended to be worn at night for about 2 more weeks until strong healing of the incision has taken place.


The result of Otoplasty surgery is reliably satisfactory and the common experience is that the result is a delight for patient, parents and surgeon.