Botox (Neuromodulators)

Neuromodulators – Getting Rid of Facial Wrinkles

Perhaps one of the most successful discoveries in the world of cosmetic surgery and medicine are the class of drugs we call “Neuromodulators.” These include brand names such as Botox®, Dysport® and Xeomin®.  These medications are one of the most popular treatments requested in Facial Cosmetic Surgery.


What do Neuromodulators Do?

These medications are designed to be injected into muscles to help them relax. Many of our facial wrinkles are caused by overactive muscles or repeated muscle movement so these medications can prevent the wrinkles from worsening and in most cases even get rid of the wrinkles. These medications work by preventing the muscle from contracting, however it is temporary and typically lasts for about 3 months.


What parts of the body are treated?

For Facial Cosmetic purposes, most people have their forehead, between the eyes or the sides of the eyes (Crow’s Feet) treated. There are other parts of the face that can be treated, however these areas are considered off label and you should always discuss this with your physician.


What can I expect when treated with a Neuromodulator?

When you go see your Facial Plastic Surgeon, they will do a complete history and physical exam to make sure the treatment is right and safe for you. After this, some surgeons will place cold (ice) packs on the areas to be treated. This helps to make the treatment more comfortable and reduce the risk of bruising. The treating surgeon, or in some cases a nurse, will use very small needles to inject the medication into the muscle. This typically takes about 5 minutes. Once it is completed, the vast majority of people have no or low pain. Bruising is uncommon and typically small.  One of the most common side effects of neuromodulators is a mild headache.

If you ever are concerned about your treated you should always contact you Facial Plastic Surgeon as many of the concerns can be treated.